Highline Braynechild & Braynestorm, Adrian Brayne Wines, Tumbarumba, NSW – 2018

Designed by Emilio Domingo at The Spice Agency. Photos by Andrew Dyer; Brand Development, Wine Label Design

“Some of the finest things in life are found in the smallest of places, created by people who live a life of obsession” – Adrian Brayne


I had the opportunity to design the labels for a great Australian wine, Highline Braynestorm by Adrian Brayne. Highline is grown in the Tumbarumba region in New South Wales, Australia. Vineyards are found at altitudes ranging from 984 to 2624 feet and these vines have been grown in Tumbarumba since 1982.


A sleek and modern type treatment is contrasted by an abstract pattern that highlights the complexity of the vines at this high elevation vineyard – together the pure mountain air and water of the unique Tumbarumba region elevates the taste profile of the grapes. To pay homage to this beautiful wine we printed on premium Estate Label #8 uncoated, pressure sensitive, substrate and foil stamped / embossed the abstract pattern.

Highline_Pinot Noir.jpg